25 Points – Encounter Oct 2nd 2013

25 Points – Encounter Oct 2nd 2013



I received this list of 25 points of events in an encounter on October 2nd 2013 and, until this point, have not been released of the Lord to share publicly. I feel The Lord has finally told me to release these points that I was shown are to occur over the next cycle and course of years in our Nation, in order to bring confirmation to what is taking place and will take place, and to help ready us as a people for what we are facing and will face. It is so vitally important that we be founded securely on The Lord and know Him personally and intimately in these times and all times. He is our only hope, our only security. Let’s continue to press in deeper and on further into our high heavenly call, to be a willing and ready vessel, a bride conformed to the image of Christ.

[highlight]Note[/highlight]: These things were said to me in an encounter, and I then made them into points from that encounter, there were things said to me in the encounter that are not stated here and I do not feel I can yet release. I felt stirred to release these points now, because of the push of The Lord and the imminent feeling of some or all of their occurrence. I felt then as now, some of these points are dependent upon whether the church is awake, standing and praying as to their certainty. I call us all to pray. For the will of God, not the will of man or the will of the enemy, to be accomplished.



25 Points of National Events & Judgements

  1. The Lambs Eternal Reign upon this earth is the cause of this.
  2. The USA Government WILL fall.
  3. Obama will be indicted with impeachment process. He will use the racial card to ignite widespread protests in many cities. It will NOT end well.
  4. There will be a governmental takeover from within!
  5. Chaos, anarchy and lawlessness will ensue.
  6. The government will deteriorate and then disintegrate.
  7. This will be a judgement from God! A massive upheaval in D.C, including a major earthquake.
  8. There will be a fractionalized government in the USA.
  9. Great Civil unrest and conflict will rage, millions will be lost.
  10. The Nations will watch as this nation implodes upon itself.
  11. The U.N. will seek to help/intervene.
  12. Russian troops will come, for a time, fighting will erupt.
  13. Some states will stand together against invasion.
  14. The believers will be targeted and for a specified time many thousands will die.
  15. A Russian withdrawal will become necessary.
  16. Many temporal redemptive judgments will occur during this time.
  17. The economy of the nation will be greatly reduced. Food shortages will be normal. Hunger will be great. Disease will become of plague type proportions in some areas.
  18. the Glory of The Lord will arise on His Bride!
  19. The Media that remains will report the exploits of The Burning Ones.
  20. The Cloud of witnesses will become visible to many, not just believers.
  21. Angelic leaders will openly reveal their presence and work.
  22. The Nation will have a rebirth and the greatest great awakening will occur.
  23. From the Nation will arise a fearless, dedicated Bridal army of young and old.
  24. The Nation’s capital will be relocated to a different region.
  25. The Lord will appear over many areas of the nation as Lamb, Lion and King!