A Most Important Release

A Most Important Release

It has become clear to me that there have been predictive prophecies released by me over the past few years, some of which, that have not come to pass. Not come to pass in the time frame spoken of, or within the allotted time which the predictions required. ‘The impeachment trial’ would be one such example, and there are others. Many were released from the 25 things given, or the headlines I was shown, but not necessarily all of them. However, I desire to include any predictions which I have missed wherever it applies. My heart is to repent to all of you for my failure and before the Lord and you, ask for your forgiveness in these specific misses. I have not, do not now, nor ever will take these misses lightly, and so I now express my deep sorrow for failing the Lord and you His people in these matters. We do know that hearing the Lord and the ‘seeing realm’ is not a perfect science, but instead, a growing and maturing relationship which involves learning from our failures and receiving His correction. I now receive that correction thankfully and desire to see Him continue to come to greater fullness in me. I realize He isn’t finished with His cross work in me and that I remain forever in great need of more of Him internally. I must have His ever growing increase of Christ life and the ever continuing decrease of my self-life. I am an imperfect vessel before a perfect God wishing to hear, see and speak only what He is speaking, showing and doing, and these misses cause me to humble myself even more unto Him, that He might inwardly refine me further. Please forgive my failure to hear and see clearly in some of these things released.

I continue to believe, however,  the Lord speaks and has spoken for thousands of years to vessels then and now. Predictions spoken to me in some of these encounters have come to pass already and others may yet. Also, there have been ones who have mistakenly associated these encounters with the 2001 encounter with Gabriel, and that is a false association by them. Those things were not linked to that encounter, so I want to clear that up.

Lastly, I wish to express my true thoughts about these matters, and express a greater than call for me and others. Predictive prophecy is NOT an easy matter or simple equation. God Himself is in control of what He does and when He does it. I sincerely hope and pray that certain predictions I and others have been shown never come to pass, and hope we all feel this way. I pray they are turned away by our humility and repentance, delayed by God, or that He relents. However, He alone holds that authority. He holds the right to bring judgement, extend mercy and delay, and His ways are righteous and just. This has played itself out multiple times in the scriptures with vessels the Lord spoke to, Jonah shows this truth clearly.

Infinitely more important than predictive prophecy or any types of prophetic revelations, experiences or utterances is The Revelation of Jesus Christ.  Only Christ being revealed inwardly and ever ongoingly as our life brings transformation to our nature and lives!, I am so aware, and becoming increasingly so, of how small a role predictive prophecy of events, happenings, judgements, etc, played in the New Testament. Thus, the primary purpose of prophetic revelation should be the testimony of Jesus, the revealing of Him that turns hearts towards Him and never towards us the vessel, or towards “revelations”. Prophecy must not lose His primary focus, His testimony, or we are calling others unto the wrong person and wrong focus. Nothing but Christ’s life in us can bring internal and powerful transfiguration unto His image, to which Romans 8 speaks of as our true destiny. I want to be clear, my primary call and ultimate and eternal focus is the proclamation of The Person of Jesus Christ by inward revelation of The Holy Spirit. That proclamation by His Spirit turns the world upside down as in Acts 17, as well as the world of the wayward church and believer, and turns all hearts and eyes unto Jesus Himself.

God’s great eternal purpose will only be established by The Holy Spirit securing a corporate human vessel called a new creation, a new man or new humanity. I have been having encounters for many many years, but true inward life reality of Christ as my life has only been over the past 15 years of my journey with Jesus. This proclaiming of Him holds a much higher and greater value to God, His eternal plan in Christ, and my own heart. All the encounters I have ever had collectively mean far less to God and myself when compared to the proclamation of Jesus Christ and my knowing and loving Him. Predictive prophecies, nor any and all prophetic utterances, are on the same eternal ground of God’s eternal plan as is The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Utterances concerning individuals, congregations, places, moves of God are NOT the primary focus of God, the scriptures, or myself, and it bears repeating that such workings have no power to change us or human nature. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is biblical, timeless, unchanging, and eternal in God’s will, mind, and heart. This is God’s desire and thus forever unchangeable and unchallengeable in His heart and in biblical revelation.

To declare Jesus Christ as God’s way, truth, and life to all the Godhead has purposed, is far above all lesser things. This is my ultimate call and I desire to forever align to His will in this truth. I know to this I am called and His commission and mission are these eternal thoughts of God’s being. I pray to live and walk this call to Him out faithfully before Him and His body. I would that any and all prophetic revelations should never rival or obscure Christ and Him crucified. This is why I have been preaching Him, not experiences, not revelation(s) plural, but Him foremost and forevermore. Thank you for hearing my heart.

My sincere love in Christ,

Terry Bennett


Note: In order that they not become a distraction or detraction from proclaiming The Person of Christ as our main focus, goal, and desire, Messengers of Shiloh will no longer include written prophetic revelations on our website.  Thank you.