A note from Terry regarding 2015

A note from Terry regarding 2015

Greetings brothers and sisters,

This note is for all who have been listening, standing, praying, hoping and weeping over the present time and the present condition of hearts, cities, states, nations and God’s house. 2015 was a momentous and revealing year for the church, the nation, the government etc. You will remember that I was told in 2001 by the Angel that 2015 would be the beginning of another 7 year cycle dealing with economic and governmental matter with the nation and nations. I stressed in this matter repeatedly on multiple occasions that 2015 was a beginning year. I know, as I did in 2008, that 2015 would not be the fullness of what God has warned about, and Thank The Lord for that!. This is a 7 year time frame, as was said, and not a single year time frame. Some have misunderstood this fact believing it would all occur in a single year, some how not fully hearing what was spoken by myself and others. Some have said nothing happened in 2015, I would like to address that statement. Lets look at some of what actually went on in 2015…

Advancement of Homosexuality agenda (Supreme court ruling and overruling of States Rights to vote on changing the definition of marriage)
Advancement of Islamic agenda
Advancement of Direct opposition to the Church, Believers and Christianity
Racial Rights outbreaks and outrage in Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland and others
The UN’s 2030 Agenda for “Worldwide Unity and Peace”
The Pope’s 2015 tour and acceptance and embrace of all religions

Fall of Stock Market in U.S. (greatest fall in one day)
Present instability in European, Chinese and American Stocks

Weather/Natural disaster
Worst drought in California history
Most total acres burned in single year in U.S. History
Catastrophic Flooding in South Carolina, Texas and Oklahoma
Seismic Activity, record-breaking earthquakes in Oklahoma
News sources state, “Planet Earth has never, in recorded history, had a summer hotter than 2015”
Record Central Pacific Hurricane Season
Winter Storm ‘Goliath’

Cosmic happenings
Venus and Jupiter align to Return the ‘Star of Bethlehem’
The Blood Moons
Sun unleashes major solar flares that caused temporary radio blackouts
in Pacific regions

These are just some of the many historic events and warnings that took place in 2015. If you are uninformed due to the news source you watch/listen to, I highly suggest finding an alternative source that is actually speaking the truth and that is unbiased. The mainstream media is highly liberal, and is controlled, thus we do not get most of our news from these sources.

news source: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/this-is-for-the-nothing-is-happening-crowd

For those of you that were waiting on a currency change I would like to clarify, that the IMF has pushed back their date but the date that was mentioned by me or those affiliated with me was a date that was set by the IMF and was NOT a prophetic statement. This was a date that you could find online, but again was delayed by the IMF.

If somehow you believe that I failed to be accurate, clear or trustworthy, I truly repent to your heart but I do not believe that nothing happened or is happening when I can watch it and read the facts of otherwise. We will see worse in 2016, but again 2016 will not be the fullness of difficult times concerning our nation and nations. Please rightly hear that and for the vast majority who see the truth of the present peril, stay focused, prayerful, sober and humble. These are birth pangs in action as I and others have clearly stated and I state once again now. The pains will increase over time in both frequency and severity.

Terry Bennett