A Word of Explanation from Terry

A Word of Explanation from Terry

This group of prophecies and prophetic words were revealed to Terry Bennett through prophetic encounters with the Lord over the last several years. All are dated at the time of the encounter. Many of the older prophecies are being presented here because of their special relevance for today in light of the future events that are coming upon us, and newer words will be added as the Lord releases Terry to make them available.

As with all prophecy, seek the Lord as you read these words and ask Him for wisdom, discernment, and understanding of what He is speaking to your heart.

I believe it would be helpful to offer a word of explanation as well as my own understanding concerning the events and revelations which I have been allowed to release. Firstly, I wish to begin by simply stating that I do not believe that the events, disciplines, or judgments of God are His first or best way to deal with the nations or this nation. The Lord spoke to me about this some time ago and I will share what He said now. The Lord told me that is was not His preferred way to deal with us through discipline and/or judgments. He said that His preferred way was that His kindness should lead us to repentance, however, He said we have used His kindness simply to further our destructive lifestyles. Therefore, He said, we have chosen our own medicine.
Now, in saying this, it is not as though we have no hope. On the contrary, I believe a proper response can and will turn away at least some of the things declared or lessen their force. There are in some of these revelations, however, things which I was told will happen and can’t be turned away. Let me point out some things which I am certain about from the Lord:

  • Humility is key as far as the church is concerned.
  • Repentance alone is not enough; the Lord is calling for transformation which is a true and essential component of Godly repentance.
  • The Lord is determined that His body and the world would recognize these dramatic events etc. as being from His hand, otherwise repentance and transformation cannot occur.
  • These things are redemptive in purpose. It is a loving Father disciplining His body and the nations.

If we give Him what He truly desires—our attention and hearts—He will heal our lands!