Bridal Journey

Bridal Journey

Far above rubies
A priestly bride
The Queen in gold
Stands by His side

Bone of His bone
Flesh of His flesh
Clothed only in
His Righteousness

His cross she bears
Upon her breast
Her heart is His
To be possessed

Upon the earth
And through the years
Her journey long
And wrought with tears

She fully knows
To reach the throne
There is a path
That she must own

To be refined
To be made pure
He is the fire
She must endure

It is her joy
To be made one
And be conformed
Unto the Son

He bathes her in
Unfailing love
To Him her eyes
Are like the dove’s

She stands alone
Above the rest
Adorned in His

By His Spirit
And by His life
She’s now become
The blessed Lamb’s wife

– given by the Spirit to Donna Bennett