Prophetic Revelations (Page 2)

Prophetic Revelations (Page 2)

Journeys With God

A portion of an encounter in which the Lord unrolled a scroll declaring the 14 problems He has with modern theology The Decree Theology (sound biblical teaching or doctrine): What man says about God – not necessarily what God says about Himself – Man’s ideology is responsible for much of our theology. The mind of man is usually a filter which establishes his beliefs according to his experience or lack of experience. Man’s experience usually molds his thinking and ideas…

Taking His Name

I had a revelatory experience that has greatly impacted my life and that I also recognized to be applicable to the larger body of Christ. In this experience, the Lord Jesus was standing before me and we were making wedding vows to one another. Strangely, the Lord was also performing the ceremony because He is the High Priest of our faith (Hebrews 1: 17, 2: 1). He asked if I would take Him to be my husband (Isaiah 54:5). (Of…

Divine Disruption

The Lord spoke this to me first, “You are under the hand of divine disruption, but you may perceive it to be merely an interruption of church proceedings!” I then saw the Lord on a television (tell-a-vision) type screen, and this is what He spoke to me. He said, “I interrupt your regularly scheduled program (normal church practices) to bring you and urgent bulletin! Cosmic calamities and catastrophic shakings are approaching and will presently occur! You must stay tuned to…
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