Moving Forward in the Spirit of Apostleship A Word About This Ministry

Moving Forward in the Spirit of Apostleship A Word About This Ministry

January 2024 – Terry Bennett

I believe it to be increasingly important and necessary to more fully disclose in an appropriate manner and measure as to the ministry (calling, commission, appointment) which God has committed personally to us! I do recognize that the function of such is but one part of a whole of His Body and that the function is unto Him, from Him, of Himself, and demands our full 100% commitment and consecration to the Man Christ Jesus Himself who alone must be the source by His Spirit! I also understand from the mystery of Christ being personally revealed within and unto myself that the function is one which is of a preparing the way and leading the way according to His divine choice and His increasingly possessing of us and thus His full committing of Himself within and among us! There is within an ever-increasing sense of this functions necessity, with urgency from the Spirit Himself who desires Christs’ full measuredness with His Body unto eternal purposes!

We desire no new movement and the revelation of which we speak and write is the Biblical New Testament revelation of the unveiling of the secret of the Godhead in Christ Jesus, Himself, The New Man, the eternal purposed Man of the Godhead’s purpose! He, the Man Christ Jesus, is to fill the entire universe with Himself, abolishing forever all rebellion, all pride, all presumption, all death, all lies, all evil, and all that is not Himself and of Himself! This is the declared will of God made clear in the revelation of the secret – Christ Himself in His chosen vessel!

We are not attempting to persuade anyone to come to us, to this community, this ministry, but instead are, have been, and increasingly with greater conviction than ever declaring by voice, writing, and living example that all be fully reconciled to God in Christ and come fully out spiritually to Him unto Divine inward possession! We stand forever against any and all forms of exclusiveness, elitism, legalism, sectarism, and all other forms of pride and sin! We equally appreciate, love, and value all other work and ministry where the true knowledge spiritually and experientially of Christ and Him crucified is the beginning and the goal is unto His full measure driven forward by ever increasing and possessing divine love unto the Son Himself!

In our own beginning we did not set out nor could we have done so this fuller measured God revealed vision of Christ! It has been an ever-increasing measured revealing of Christ by both spiritual experience and the Spirit of Christ explaining Christ in the scriptures again by revelation! In the journey the Spirit kept us hungry for more of Christ within. There was and is within us a deep and Holy Spirit powerful witness of our spiritual need as He creates within us a longing for His, Christ’s, full measuredness which we could not find! He led us in and through contrived prayer and experiences with Himself into His eternal thought, will, and plans into His ways rather than ours! He struck and He broke and He inwardly in fiery love burned up, molded, rose up within, and declared Himself as I AM! He pressed us on by His Spirit and that is increasing even more unto His fuller and deeper eternal goal, even unto the whole of creation!

Again, this process, this preparing of the vessel, this readying of the messengers has been a process of years, and its pace has now quickened due to our time and His voice ringing out! The eternal light of life which Christ is continues to regularly break in but with it and in the journey has come greater and deeper sufferings with Christ and cost! So be it! For this can never be and has never been built nor established in simple doctrinal truth, believing as to its truth nor theory! Life is in the blood, and blood is required if there is to be Life, Him within us and us within Him! Thus, there has been the steady growth within and among of being a part of external divine purpose with the eternal gospel of the person, Christ Jesus, and of a growing conviction and concern that all God’s people are to come to the fullness of Christ, with each body part having the measure of Christ due unto it! No smallness, no lack, no stunted growth, no self-serving but Christ filling each part unto the revealing and release of Himself according to His purpose!

Now I and we have made mistakes, over the course of many years, but we have also learned from our mistakes and continue to do so! Biblically we could also recognize that such a ministry as this would have many adversaries, the devil not being the only one! There have been misrepresentations, misunderstandings, improper apprehensions, and precipitated attacks of various kinds and for various reasons. We are not wishing to vindicate ourselves nor act in kind, God knows the truth! Our object is to not unnecessarily cause there to be extra obstacles beyond what has always been the case with such a ministry, so that nothing shall lie in the way of the Lord’s people from receiving the supreme value of Christ, by the Holy Spirit through their ministry instrument! It is sadly all too clear from the scriptures that not all or even most believers will go all the way with the Lord, embracing the Cross way, and press on to the high heavenly calling in Christ Jesus! And that only the mature can and will do so!

This is no time for fantasy, of the failure of self-importance, nor of imaginary revelations that do not lead us to the true vision of God, which is Christ Himself and in Christ Himself, the unveiling of Christ in His eternal significance is the very biblical definition of eternal secret revelation of God in Christ! God’s eternal divine purpose and fullness in Christ will only be reached by a progressive and ever increasing revelation inwardly by the Holy Spirit of great significance of Christ!

According to divine will, divine purpose, and divine order that revelation of the mystery-secret of the Divine Man from above comes firstly to an apprehended instrument or instruments of God’s specific choice who are taken into the depths with God in the Cross, filling, readying, relationship, oneness of life, purpose, desire, etc. And then when readied the truth is given, released for all God’s people! Then it is the work of the Spirit and the vessel that the truth comes into the human spirit, the inner parts, wrought in journey and experience into those who desire Him with their whole being and deny themselves to take up the Cross! Note: It is not to be a blessing to people but a new life, Christ life that they may become His inheritance and Himself theirs! Thus, each one and all must come to spiritually understand how to walk in a manner worthy of Him and live to please Him firstly and forever.

 We shall remain faithful to Him who chose us, to present every man complete, perfect, undivided in love, loyalty, and purpose! To this end we have and are striving and laboring! It is the ministry of the mystery of Christ revealed to the apostles and prophets! Stewards of the mystery or secret God has hid and kept hidden in Christ, until revealed in and unto the Apostolic Ministry of the New Covenant!

Read Colossians 1:24-29

 Our purpose, our loyalty, our motivation, our captivation, our labor, our love, our devotion, our will, our hope, our consecration, our sanctification, our living, our dying, our joy, our pleasure, our assurance, and our inheritance is Christ, firstly-lastly, now-forever, we belong to Him! Not ourselves, not this world, not man pleasers, but God pleasers, we will not be our own, we choose Him as our All & All! He is the Worthy One and we but stewards, servants, bondslaves of His forever and willingly! Amen & Amen!