Terry’s new book The Angelic Order at War

Terry’s new book The Angelic Order at War

Terry’s books are now available in print! Visit our Bookstore for details.

About The Angelic Order at War
Do you know the angels assigned to you? Are they engaged in battle? Are you contending for the purpose of the Lord: The bride made ready? It’s time for the Lord’s people to be informed and active in the fight! Learn how to interact with the angelic orders assigned to us by God to see His kingdom advance in the earth. Through personal stories backed up by scriptural principles, Terry shares how we can get into the fight and operate in the spiritual reality we were made for. Never has it been more important for God’s people to stop being afraid or unaware of God’s ministering angels and get active in battling the enemy.

Making the Books Available in Print
The Angelic Order At War as well as Terry’s previous book Why We Fight are now available to order on our website for a suggested donation of $10. It is and always has been our heart to operate our ministry on a 100% donation basis, and we will continue to make the books available on a donation basis as we travel, but this suggested donation will help us cover the basic costs of printing, packaging, and shipping that we incur.

We’ve made the difficult decision not to offer an ebook option for The Angelic Order at War, and want to explain why. While we want to get the book and the message out to as many of the Lord’s people as we possibly can, there are those who will come to our website not to learn or grow, but to gather ammunition and twist the message in order to attack the ministry and the work of the Lord. I wish it were not the case, but that’s what we face. Especially in light of the very specific and sensitive information about spiritual warfare in this latest book, we want to make sure it is not twisted by those with an agenda to harm. That being said, if the Lord is leading you to read either Why We Fight or The Angelic Order at War, and the $10 suggested donation is a hardship for you, please email us and we would be glad to send you a copy.

Please allow a few extra days for processing as we work through initial orders.

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