The Arising of the False Prophet

The Arising of the False Prophet

The false prophet has arisen. With him is his priesthood, and it is gaining momentum. In our lifetime, we have seen the advancement of evil on a scale never witnessed. The voice of the false prophet and his priesthood is not going to arise; it has arisen. The political and governmental side of that is in place. We are going to have a wakeup call so terrible that you are going to want out of this nation. I am not saying the Lord is going to let us run; I am just saying it’s going to be that bad. I am not the first one to say that. It has been said for over one hundred years. We have had hundreds of voices speaking for hundreds of years concerning these times. Contradicting those voices are a few modern false prophets and prophetesses trying to nullify the hundreds of voices that the Spirit of God has used to speak of these times.

We now have the voice of the false prophet in Christianity, prophesying that nothing is coming. Let me be clear: it is an affront to the voice of the throne. Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Isaiah dealt with it, and now we are dealing with it. Everything they were saying, which was the voice from the throne, was being contradicted by a people who had numbers on their side, who had money on their side, and who had the support of the government on their side. They had the support of the economy on their side. They had the glory of man on their side; false signs and wonders (that the people thought were real) were on their side. They were directly antagonistic against Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Isaiah who were carrying the voice from the throne and who were telling the people they needed to repent. That is exactly what is happening here and now.

We understand the book of Daniel, Thessalonians, Revelation and the gospels clearly tell us that the rising of the beast and the false prophet will be with great signs and wonders even to the calling down of fire from heaven, raising the dead and giving life to images of the beast so that they can speak. False signs and wonders are not false because they are not really happening; they are false because of the spirit of them. The source behind them is not the Spirit of the Lord. You will not be able to discern the falseness by whether it is real or not. That is not the litmus test. It is the Spirit of God versus those spirits who are performing those signs and wonders. Don’t be confused, they are performing them.

I have to warn you of the false opposing priesthood because God is after the arising of His true priesthood which has been forever in the heart of God, but will be realized in fullness at the end of the age. It will have never been on earth in fullness until the end of the age. That is not the will of God, it’s just how it is going to work.

Where has the voice of the false prophet arisen? In sports, in entertainment, in the political arena and in the realm of commerce. Do you hear the voice? It is the voice of a demonic priesthood. Hollywood is the voice of a demonic priesthood, and the church is supporting it. Look at what goes on in Hollywood, in the music industry. All you have to do is watch the news or watch a program. The entirety of the music industry is not on God’s side, not a single bit of it, not even the Christian music industry for the most part. There is going to be a time when you are not going to want to watch TV and movies because you are going to be so angry with Hollywood that you will want nothing to do with them. You will not want to watch any sports for the same reason. We are really going to have to be aware of voices in this time.

Think of buying and selling in this light: you don’t want to have anything to do with those businesses because of what they are pushing. We thought the limits on buying and selling in Revelation 13:17 were only about ability, but that’s not the whole story. There is a whole other side to it. It is not just that you cannot buy or sell, it is that we don’t want to buy and sell. We don’t want what they are selling. We are not buying into it. I refuse to be associated with that which is marked by the beast and under his domain and control. I refuse to associate with the political arena that is just one snake with two heads.

We are going to get judgment to the point that you will want to leave, because we have asked God for time to repent and He has given it, and yet we have refused to go there as a nation. The measure of repentance that is going on is good for bringing out a remnant, but it is not enough to save a nation. You need to ask the Lord if He wants you in this nation; it is going to get really bad suddenly. You are not going to have time. It will be too late. You need to ask Him now. It is not all bad if you are ready for war and ready for death. Not that all of us are going to die, but we will see such death in this nation on so many realms and scales. Believe me, you are going to be seen as the enemy. Everybody’s agenda is against God, including most of the church, and they have in the natural all the ways and means. But we have God! Therein is our only hope.

We should have been aware that this was going to happen, but there are so many funny things operating in the church right now. Some say, “Well it is supposed to happen, so we are not to pray to stop it.” That is not true. It is meant to happen, yes, but we are meant to be in confrontation and war against it. We are not meant to just stay in our shells and stay isolated and checked out, living our own lives while everything around us falls apart into utter darkness. You don’t see that in the Scriptures. God is going to have a vessel of confrontation in the middle of this darkness, the enforcement of the Lamb’s victory through sacrifice on our part. The Lord stripped the enemy’s authority over humanity through His sacrifice, and His Lambkin bride will do the same.

This article is adapted from a message Terry preached as part of his series Within the Circle of the Throne. For greater context, you can listen to the entire message here.