The Church Without Walls

The Church Without Walls

The Church without walls is the triggering by God of an internal catalyst for change in His people. It is an entirely new mindset of His church. It is the coming out of Egypt with its slavery and shame and into the promised land where together we are becoming and building a holy nation, a royal priesthood, a people for God’s own possession. We are taking and rebuilding the cities in the land which God has promised to us. Together we are building, together we are battling, the enemy’s strongholds in our cities, towns, nation and community. Together we are ceasing to wander aimlessly (going in circles and cycles), together we are crossing our spiritual Jordan as one man, one people, one army in order to take possession of our spiritual inheritance. The church without walls is the destroying of our irrelevant traditions, it is the giving up of program-based mentality and the breaking out of the unique creatively-diverse life of God in and through us at all times in all places. The church has ceased from its spectator mentality of meetings alone, to a 24/7 family of fulltime servants equipped, trained and ready to love and win over neighbors, and neighborhoods through our living, giving, praying, caring, serving and going. It is the church without walls that is adding daily those who are being saved.

The church without walls is not about building a bastion of safely-insulated-and-isolated from the peoples around us. Instead it is making ready a prepared people who are a city set on al hill, salt to properly flavor the earth, and light to all the darkest places in our world. The church without walls has become so because those barriers which would attempt to keep us apart have been forever demolished so that we are one, with the fullness of His life and presence is (manifest) ever growing, building (stone on stone) enlarging (with the ever increasing of His plans, purpose, agenda and vision) in and among us. The prince of peace lives and dwells among us, we have entered into His spiritual rest, the peacemaking sons of God are standing and arising as one and Pentecost has come.

The church without walls is the trading of our expressions, traditions, culture, habitat, mindsets, wineskins, models and principals, it is the renewing of our minds and thus the transformation, reformation of that we might all attain to the fullness of His corporate and personal destiny. The church without walls is impregnated with its life. That which fills its womb is of the Holy Spirit Who is in and with us, the power of the most High is on us. Thus our barrenness and shame has reached its end. That which is being birthed is not from or through an earthly man but from a heavenly Father. It is God’s life in His Son among men, coming through a virgin who know that God’s life cannot be birthed through man’s seed.

The church without walls now stands in ruins and rubble but is about to be rebuilt through divine grace and favor and by those who have a heart to work. The original intent had been lost and thus destruction and captivity had overtaken the gates, but now the people have returned. As a family of families all take their place to stand, build, battle and live. The spiritual dwelling place of God is in and among men. Burned stones have become useful, scattered stones have been gathered, broken stones have been healed and all have been fitted and placed together to become a restoration of that which was ruined.

The Church Without Walls Sees Outward

  • It sees that Gods building, His house, is His people – not buildings made by man.
  • Its time, energy and resources are primarily focused on people. Inwardly, this means His church the community church, the city church, the national church, the international church. It is also seeing the poor – widows and orphans. Those laboring in its ranks and those sent ones.
  • The church without walls sees its neighbors and loves and serves as His witnesses to them that they might believe.
  • The church without walls is a 24/7 church. It is based on and in life with one another. It is in the homes, at the park, around the table, in a circle praying, at the ladder with a hammer in hand. It is on the deck when the grill is burning, it is under the porch worshipping, it is in the prison and jails, it is in the hospital by the bed, it is at the neighbors home caring, it is on its knees in the living room interceding, it is in the gap standing, it is rejoicing together, weeping together, having fun together, in the community together, it under the tent! The church is God’s people anywhere, everywhere, anytime and all the time. The church is us, inside. outside. countryside, mountainside, riverside, citywide. God is both in and among His people always and forever.

The church without walls is part of His coming kingdom. It stands, lives and prays for that kingdom where His will is done everywhere on earth – In the governments of nations – in the cities, in the towns and communities, in the homes of all people, in the streets, in the gutters, in the jungles, in the flat lands or mountains – everywhere on earth as it is in heaven. King of heaven, King of earth, King in His people, the church.

The church within walls, looking out through stained glass windows is changing, and must change.We’re under the hand of divine disruption so we must not see it as a mere interruption of our plans. It is the Lord turning over the tables and ousting thieves and robbers!

  • His house will be a house of prayers being uttered and answered.
  • His house will be a house of passion for Jesus and passion for people. The first and second commandment united! In love!
  • His house will be a house will be a house of friends – loving and serving God and one another with our entire hearts.
  • His house will be one where all are trained and equipped to serve, where we are growing up together into Him, in our knowledge (intimacy) with God, where there is unity loving relationships, deep friendship founded in our faith.
  • His house will be one where leadership models are built on servanthood, stewardship and bond-lave patterns.