The Council of the Lord January 17-20, 2024 Terry Bennett

The Council of the Lord January 17-20, 2024 Terry Bennett

January 17, 2024

Jeremiah 23 – Come Let Us Take Council Together


The Lord is ordering a council at this time concerning the time to which we have come and the Lord’s own intentions with a chosen vessel, divine purpose, and the way forward! The council involved the Lord Himself, of course, the angel Michael with other angelic commanders, certain specific apostles, Paul, Peter, John, James, Jude, Matthew, Timothy, etc.

The purpose is to speak of the apostolic vessel in this time and the return of the Lord. The message of the Lord to the remnant and those being made ready as the Bride is from Revelation 3:1-13. The message to the rest is of the church at Laodicea particularly, but also Sardis and Thyatira as they apply to various leaders and congregations. The Lord spoke that He was looking to those who are humble, contrite of spirit, and who tremble at My Word. (Isaiah 66:2) What God is speaking! Reverential trembling! He said you must listen and obey the council of the Lord! For He will now restore the true apostolic for His own namesake, His own testimony in fullness, His own authority of leadership, and His own Glory!

Terry, do not take council of your own fears or unbelief. Do not listen to the council of the blind – yet claiming to see! Deaf yet claiming to hear My Word though I cannot speak to them! Lame for they do not walk righteously before Me! I did not allow the unclean to be offered in sacrifice until Me and those who did so were judged! Do not listen to the foolish nor the unwise, for they still sleep and are not able to hear My call to come out from themselves unto Myself. Their selves obscure My actual voice. Do not fear them for they do not fear Me, nor heed their counsels for they have not stood in My council, heard My Voice and turned themselves from others correctly to be! It is I who made the ear and gave you your spirit that you might hear My voice, behold Me, live and not perish!

The blind, the deaf, the lame, and the unwise know little of my life, Myself as truth, Myself as the one true way. They are blind guides. They are deaf servants of self and do not tremble at My Word nor that I sent it forth! They fight against My word of truth while believing their own words! Do not fear them! I am not with them and have not sent them, yet they speak and go!

Revelation 3 – My Message to My Remnant and unto My Vessel:

I have set an open door before you that no man can shut. Come in and feast with and of my bounty!


The wheel is now turning, Ezekiel’s wheel within the wheel. The backdrop is now ready, the curtain is now raised, the players now know and will play their roles! Through the door lies your future, through the door lies My great will, through the door is the final Act of Acts, through the door the Omega Man awaits you in red garments prepared to cloth you in white garments! Come in and participate in the Omega Man’s End of this Age!


January 18, 2024

The Council Meeting


A call to divine order, divine will, divine plan, divine work and action, divine cooperation within and through the chosen divine vessel of recovery until Christ’s full measured reality in a remnant and unto a ready Bride!

1st – The Omega declared “Christ as Lamb & Lion”. There is to be no more delay! The boundaries and limits of this present age of darkness have been reached and self-destruction is ahead, but I shall End-Omega their fall and fall into complete anarchy, chaos, utter destruction from war and rage! I alone am Omega – Son of Man – given to rule, reign, and bring true and lasting peace with God and His good will unto and among all men!

2nd – Behold the transition of this day of evil is upon you. Stand and see the salvation of Your God and the destruction of the empire of evil, Babylon the Great! You will rejoice, Heaven shall rejoice at its fall, for it shall never rise again!

3rd – Behold My vessel comes out to Me, shining and arising in the darkest of nights! See My virgin daughter, be My vessel, become one with My now time to return! Joined fully to the Lamb that I Am and behold is riding forth to war and victory, the final and crowning victory with the victorious Armies of Heaven! Come out now, chosen ones, for it is your invitation to come and then meet Me in the air!

4th – You have heard My call and you have declared My call openly to your brethren that I have chosen. Well done, your faithfulness proves you can be trusted. Now I have gathered you here with these chosen ones of My house of friends! I will for you to hear, to record, to declare, and become one with My declared will for these final moments of this age! Write what you hear, declare what is spoken, tremble at My word, and take note as I do of those who tremble with you at My declared word!

5th – Blessed are all who hear, tremble, and heed these now declared words, for the time of their fulfillment is here! Now! My vessel shall come forth wreathed in fire from the midst of fire to declare My fiery words as I cast fire into the earth by My voice, actions, and judgements. My remnant shall be refined. My messengers shall know Me and that I AM the covenant of the will of God! My vessel shall fear Me, and I will treasure them, protecting them in their missions as a Father protects His Son!

It is this vessel bound to the Father’s eternal will, captive to the same love which the Father has for the Son of His love. It is this vessel filled with the authority of the Lamb and Lion Myself that can turn the wayward hearts of My immature children back to the original love and fire within their inner being! A refiner’s fire vessel shall I send among them that some may hear, behold in truth, and turn back so that I can heal them of themselves!

This vessel shall become My “lead the way and ready a people unto Me” vessel! It is the apostolic vessel that fulfills and answers to why I have chosen them! They shall not fail, for I AM in them. They shall not shrink back for I shall be courage within them. They will follow Me only, hear My words gladly, and love Me most, firstly. I shall make them stand before Me and their adversary and not falter! Because they love Me, I shall protect them until the Omega comes to meet them in the air!


Leading by being last! Omega time – last in the procession of leaders for all Biblical time, last in need of a personal manner, last in the view of this world. First in His eye, first in His full measured missional plan. When Christ is already your reward, your full joy, and passionate pursuit, then the eternal plan is the why of your being alive in your time! You can receive no greater reward than the One you love first and most. Therefore, you abide and live for His established eternal will. Your entire purpose and drive are that He may receive His reward!

The world will see and can see you only as worthless to its purpose. The blind cannot see any truth of Christ, and the deaf hear only their own inward thoughts and are led by them only! The unwise dwell within the boundaries of self’s wisdom and scoff at what they cannot understand and have not experienced! Wisdom from above is foolishness to the unwise steward and laborers! As a vessel you will be a part of the most dramatic times of world history but see the greatest turn about to be witnessed.

·       The Truth shall conquer the first lie – for the Word of the Lord shall now stand and that forever!

·       The Life shall destroy the great enemy named death, and you shall see and declare it!

·       The Blessed Hope will become a witnessed reality before all, for every eye shall see Him across the planet!

·       Faith shall be sight, a beholding of the Lord!

·       Sorrow shall be no more,

·       The creation shall rejoice, and the created life of this earth will finally rest!

The new era and that age shall be welcomed and the increase of His government and kingdom shall never end!



Where has the leading man been, the one chosen to represent and release the authority of the Omega Man? Where is that promised vessel, the 144,000 chosen, tested, and perfected vessel of the Lord? Where is the vessel that leads them to their King and Master? Behold the forerunner vessel hurries into full readiness and sanctification! Shining His life and light into the now awakened spirits! The forerunners have cast His fire and His fiery love has extracted the chosen and precious from the vile and wretched of your day! They also shall be My witnesses, My bondservants, a first fruit of the Spirit, and the apostles of the Lamb, ‘Forerunners of My Coming’! Thus, I shall have the harvest of the friends of the Bridegroom, The Omega Man Himself!

Rejoice oh chosen ones, joy in your King, for He has satisfied His love’s desire, vessels, bondslaves, warriors of the light of life, fortunate soldiers of eternal heavenly fortune, family of friends, and a vessel He is not ashamed to call His own – They shall be Mine!

Rejoice oh Heavens, break forth in praise, for Omega Man has now His apostolic vessel to announce – The Bridegroom comes, come out in readiness to meet Him! He is also obtaining His wise virgins who have their lamps trimmed and full of oil! They also shall be His witnesses! Together they shall lead a people out of the darkness, through the darkness, and freed from inward darkness!

Rejoice all you who know Me, for I have prepared My wedding feast for those now clothed in My righteous wedding garments (clothe yourselves with Christ)!


January 19, 2024

Council Meeting



This vessel will trigger a strong reaction and a great rebellion in much of the house of God! The reaction will range from open hostility to great unbelief. However, it will simply verify what has been within them and their resistance to the Lord’s word, authority, and judgements against their unbelief!

The rebellion will be much the same. They believe their own teaching and teachers above His instructions, corrections, and rebukes! They also believe their words are more important for the people of God than the messages of the Lord delivered or spoken by His chosen ones. They have been as Korah before the Lord for many years. Resisting by their heady pride rather than trembling at His spoken and written Word! But their time of personal judgement has come, and since they would not humble themselves and repent, they shall be humbled!

Nevertheless, His Word shall go forth even unto the blind, deaf, and lame leading in their personal pride, arrogance, and rebellion from one ditch to another. They shall stand and fight but shall fall and suffer the consequences of all who resist and kick against His Spirit’s dealings! But His word will go forth in authoritative power of the Holy Spirit and by His Spirit to accomplish in the hearts of the humble, the contrite, and all who tremble at the Word, all that Christ has sent the Word forth to accomplish. These who truly listen and obey shall prosper within and become His inward freed people!

It is of great importance that the humility of Christ be allowed to fill you fully, for He is meek and humble of heart, and you shall find rest for your souls in Him and He within you! Also, seek Him as the wisdom that is from above, not of this earthy nor of the spirit of this age! Christ is the Man of wisdom, the Man from above, the Alpha-Beginning and Omega-End Completion Man! All lack in some measure His fullness appointed for His household of faithful ones. However, ask, seek, knock and He will be more than you can even think!

False teachers and teaching have been and will be a great cause of stumbling, falling, and division among His people! The blackest of darkness in hell awaits them unless they turn and repent! Their influence, their words, their doctrines are of demons whom they are allied with. The truth has long been questioned of them and cast aside as false! They no longer understand nor care what is truth or lie, pure or unclean, holy or profane, life-giving or death. They are ruled by the motivations of their self and are prideful. Thus, they are hardened against the Spirit’s workings, Christ’s light and life and the Father’s will and eternal purpose! Do not listen to them but flee from them and all who do what they say and become what they are! Their corruption has spread like gangrene, but they will soon be exposed in their lifestyles and rebellion.

Come out from among them and be separated and sanctified unto the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! You cannot rescue the willful, the hardened, the careless, those who masquerade as light bearers but are enemies of the Cross of Christ within them. They hasten to destruction. Do not be dragged away with them!

Michael the Angel

We are new prepared and ready for the final battles that will end the war against Christ and God’s great purpose in Him!

Beware of a National Spirit and the spirit of nationalism, for it is arising among the nations. They will fight for an illusion against that which is foretold, certain, and soon to come. They now more than before take their stand against the One Son anointed by the Godhead to carry out and carry forth the great eternal plan of God to all peoples and all creation.

Their illusion shall disappear in the coming fire but His kingdom shall increase. He shall fill this universe – Praise belongs to Him for “Who is like the Lord” is not just My name, it is also my mission, function, delight, and so much more than is understood by men! But you, too, will join myself and the host in glorifying His Person. In truth you, the bridal and friends of her, shall lead the charge of inward change that shall go forth as way, truth, and life that is light into the whole of creation! They have awaited your coming to them and thus you are made ready as we all have awaited!

I will now fight for you, I will fight with you, alongside you until the end and the Omega Man’s appearing! He is coming and all the armies are coming with Him. Be prepared to meet Him in the air my friend! Maranatha!

Apostle John

The message was of the importance of Revelation 14:1-20 and of the Godhead’s purpose coming to ultimate fulfillment on the earth!

Revelation 14:1-5 describe the necessary vessel that must answer the call of God’s choosing unto God’s eternal plan. They have been joined unto the Lord uniquely in oneness, purpose, and divine will! Christ name and the name of the Father is as a seal upon their foreheads. They are the purchased in love by blood ones, blood bought, to represent the Omega Man-Lamb & Lion upon the earth unto finalizing the plans of the Godhead in Christ. Their song is one of His right to headship of themselves and of the whole of creation and the pronouncement of Him established in the earth as head. His divine authority is within them due to His possession of them. They were chosen for His will and this purpose. Theirs is His ministry of authority, to establish His throne and will amidst a bridal people, a former remnant now being readied until the marriage with the Lamb!

The vessel in fullness is made of two companies of people. The first is the John the Baptist, apostolic vessel that is the choice of Christ to bear His Name and establish through His own full authority a messengerial vessel and the bridal vessel. Working together the two vessels become the 12 x 12 vessel. The apostolic chosen by Christ and those who are fully one in life and purpose with the restored apostolic gospel of Christ in their times. Together they are an unbreakable team vessel in the hands of the Godhead and birth from His heart!

The preaching of the eternal gospel of Revelation 14:6-7 is the good news mission of the combined vessel! This is most important! The temptation will be to preach the times rather than the Person of Christ! Many will succumb to this view, but it is a deviation from the eternal gospel that is to be continuously proclaimed unto the end of the age! The chosen vessel will not fail, for they are the bondslaves who love and fear their Lord and Master! Their eyes and ears behold and hear Him above all other voices! Wisdom, love, and purpose are one in the person of Christ within them as a fire shut up within! This however is a warning to the untested, the unproven, those swayed by the teachings of men! The gospel of the person is God’s message to the whole earth of people, and it can only be fulfilled, not changed. To challenge His will in this is to meet the fire within His nature, the Lion shall roar!!!

Revelation 14:8-11 show that the gospel, Christ in person, shall be victorious over the Babylon and warns all to not give their souls and wills to that beast nor its leader. God’s own wrath shall abide upon all who do just as upon Babylon!

Revelation 14:14-20 is the fulfillment of Christ’s words. The angels shall be sent forth as reapers as the will of God in the heavens is established on this earth amid judgement and by wrath! Therefore, be ready, for this council was called for due to what you will behold with your own eyes and experience in your present body! Stay awake, sober, watching, and waiting for He is coming through the open door to meet you!

John the Baptist

Terry, you must always remember He that called, He that chose, He that drew you to Himself, and why! You must begin within the Alpha which Christ is as purpose, life, and way! Then you must abide until He increases within you as the great good of the Godhead, the Omega Man from above, unto predetermined destiny as God’s eternal horizon of the eternal day!

Beware of the test that attempts to make Him about our understanding of the future rather than about Himself being the divine fulfiller of all the Godhead’s plan! Remember you are chosen to be a participant and vessel unto Christ the Omega Man of God’s full and final will! You are present in this time with the purpose to bring Him into view so that His increase within His people unto full measured possession will be realized! The readied Bride will be the perfect representation of His life and nature unto the whole of creation. She shall lovingly nurture all to the fuller measure of Him unto the creative purpose. Thus, the creation will be filled with His light and life throughout!

I did not understand the great mystery of Christ, the eternal plan of God, the big picture, but you have had Him unveiled as such and you must never forget! I doubted, for I did not see far beyond my role and calling to make ready a people. His significance as the way, truth, and life in the eternal councils of God was unknown to myself and though my obedience was pure, my understanding was limited! He revealed what was far beyond my own temporal and scriptural beliefs. He was more than I or any other could have begun to believe He would be or do!

Beware of your own boundaries of Him, lest they steer you into your own way and you forsake or miss Him who is God’s way! Always let Him be your vision, your purpose, your personal destiny, and your reward and He will be within and through you in the greatness of His own person. Hear me clearly, you are to be a part of the final restoration of all things! The vessel of His choice of which you are a part will be beyond what I was unto Him and the first apostles as well!

Terry, do not doubt His rhema’s unto yourself nor others of your kind! He is giving Himself unto you and the vessel in a measure of His life and headship that is beyond what has been witnessed. I and others are witnesses of this fact. You must be witnesses of the life and authority of Christ in your time, the Omega’s time, that witnesses the finish of this era! All which He has done before, released before will be summed up in the word and work of full measuredness in your time. He will be beyond what you have read, seen, thought, or believed could be true!

I now call to you to an elevated believing by His Spirit, a believing in Him that is upon this solid rock of His heart, authority, power, and person! Let the vessel of His choosing know, Terry. Tell them clearly so that they will not fear nor doubt as to this divine work of the Spirit to birth this vessel of honor unto Christ Himself! He is the price worth running for and winning! He is not a failure who runs well for what others consider to be of dubious value in the temporalness of their carnal minds! Most care little for the bondslave, they are not of attractive prospects to the blind! However, making a Bride ready for her Bridegroom is of God’s eternal plan and is the high heavenly calling to all who will come out unto Christ alone!

I was an enigma to the religious minds around me but a sign and wonder to those of spiritual sight and of an alive and waiting heart for Messiah! So shall it be with the chosen vessel in your time! Stand nonetheless and you will gain Him and His well done! I declared Christ in His coming in the wilderness away from the organized religion of my day. The people had to be willing to come out, come out of what they had known and had been a part of. But the leaders would not come out to hear the true message of Messiah then. They refused to heed the truth I declared and so they will withstand this final vessel with His present rhemas in your time! They are a brood of snakes for that is their inward nature and their resistance is certain. Their chosen blindness will cause their final stumbling and fall into the grave filled with death spiritually!

The battle for the inward and outward unity of the Holy Spirit among us and our being bound together in true and lasting peace from the Prince of Peace where the battle of and for unity with God’s will, plan, purpose, and life unites our spirits in Him and with one another like never before. Thus, achieving a measure of divine protection where the wall has no more gaps!


January 20, 2024

Council Meeting

Paul, Peter, John Baptist, Apostle John, Timothy, James, Jude, Matthew


We all finished our personal journeys, our courses set by the Omega Man and established in the Spirit of holiness, truth, and life! However, the corporate remnant failed to go on unto full measuredness. They allowed their course to become other than the will of the Father. Their way was clouded by personal gain, pride, fear, willfulness, reasonings of their own mind, and offense of the absolutes of One way! But not their way!

But now in Christ has and is still coming out a vessel that is running the correct eternal course by the leading of the Holy Spirit! The course and the way are becoming increasingly clear as they run and journey beyond their own minds – reasonings, wills, and human emotions! They are coming to love the Lamb more fully and to truly honor, respect, and love Him by taking up their personal and corporate journey in the way of the Cross. It is certain that the Lamb finished His personal course and equally certain is that this remnant shall finish their course and come out dressed in bridal garments unto their Bridegroom – the Omega Man Himself!

Yes, it is a rough and deadly track. Its narrowness makes it easily unseen by eyes filled with self-wonderment and worldly desires! But there is now finally a vessel that will come to Him, accepting fully His invitation. They will find complete rest of their souls within Him and He within them. They will not grow weary in their course for He shall be their constant source of life, strength, hope, confidence, and renewal of mind!

His arising among them shall not go unseen nor unnoticed. His shining shall be as the shining of heaven stars undimmed and unobstructed through them. His pure light of life within and through them shall cause shakings in the nations as more shed the scales of the eyes and hearts by beholding the Lord through and within His bridal vessel! She shall be regal even in her natural body in this your time.

So yes, He who called you, He who chose you shall be more than able, abundantly so, to speak, live, flow, and shine through you to help prepare and ready His bride!

Rejoice, I say to you, Terry, rejoice for the Bride is making herself ready and thus allowing His readying vessel to aid her in all matters love, clothing, choices, testimony, faith, grace, joy, peace, and the fruitful charms of His Life and Nature! She will be fully attended by attendants and friends of the Bridegroom.

Behold, Terry, He is coming. You know by rhema this truth but more than that you know your part in His plan to do so. Continue to believe and you will know more and more, yet more importantly you will help others to be ready!

Maranatha, Terry,

The Spirit says Maranatha,

Let the Bride say come Lord Jesus!


Let those who are running, keep running for the finish line is now not far! But don’t look back or you will stumble before the end, and don’t shrink back in fear caused by the unbelief of reasonings! Keep beholding the Omega Man as your reward and prize and press onward!

Shalom! To All Who Look for His Appearing