The Life

The Life

There is a life inside of me,
Though when at first received
Is very small and immature.
It’s just a tiny seed.

Watered by the Holy Spirit
This seed begins to grow.
As I learn to eat of Him
Beyond what I could know.

This life is meant to overcome
And overtake my soul
Until I’ve been made free of self
And under His control.

Let this life produce in me
All that I am not able
As I eat and drink of Him
And feast upon His table;

To bear His fruit within my heart
His love, His joy and goodness
‘Til His life bears who He is
And swallows up my darkness.

This life is so superior
And far better than my own.
It is eternal, knows no bound
And is in union with the throne.

This life is indestructible
And also incorruptible.
This life knows no defeat
Working its steadfast way in me
And making me complete.

This life is my great deliverance
From all in my old nature.
As His life grows up in me
I’m becoming a new creature.

When this life is fully grown
And reaches its full stature
My heart, mind, soul and strength
Will then be fully captured.

Why would I choose my own life
When His life far excels?
Though there’s a battle every day
His life in me must prevail.

This is our high and heavenly call
And our great destiny:
To bear His image and His life
Through all eternity.

May we His church
Be able to say
With our brother Paul
In Galatians 2:20
I no longer live
But it’s Christ who lives in me.

– Donna Bennett