The New Creation

The New Creation

a poem by Donna Bennett

Beyond this old creation
And all that we can see
World’s unknown
A Holy Throne
Multitudes of beings
An immense reality

Before one thing was created
And all things came to be
Was God alone with His thought
For a family

He makes His angels winds
His servants flames of fire
But Cherubim and Seraphim
Filled not His heart’s desire

Though they were created
To display His eternal plan
The reality would be fulfilled
In Jesus Christ
The God-begotten Man

The angels long to peer
Into this mystery
Christ Himself becoming part
Of our humanity

The first man Adam
When he fell
Did bring us to
The gates of hell

The last Adam
Did appear to buy us back
And bring us near
And so much more
If we could see
His plan from all eternity

A new creation
Was in God’s mind
Not of the earth
But of His kind
Not a place He would create
But a place in man to habitate

To share His life
And live as one
Making us His daughters
And His sons

By His death
The old defeated
Now by His life
The new completed

Behold in Christ!
A new creation
God in man
In habitation

All of creation
Waits to see
Christ revealed
In you and me

Come forth, oh Son
In fullness dwell
Prevail against
The gates of hell

Over ourselves
Over the world
Until your glory
Is unfurled

For the eyes
Of all to see
Christ in the new