The True Vine

The True Vine

Jesus said,

“You are the branch
I am the true vine
This work in you
Is all of mine

Dwell in Me
I’ll dwell in you
There’s not a work
That you can do

But in me
You must believe
I am the life
You must receive

I’ll trim and prune
And cut away
All that’s of you
That cannot stay

So you’ll bear fruit
That must remain
To be the same

Abide in me
And I will fill
You with myself
This is my will

Love, joy, peace
Kindness, goodness too
Gentleness and faithfulness
All these you pursue

Only in my nature
All of these you’ll find
This is who I am
Holy and Divine

My Father is the gardener
You’re our precious field
I’ll produce more of myself
If you’ll always yield

You’re always to remember
The life is in the vine
Never from yourself
This work is always mine”

by Donna Bennett