Throne Worthy

Throne Worthy

a poem by Donna Bennett

My King is worthy
Of a throne
From which to rule and reign

He sacrificed
And paid the price
For my heart to gain

He is King
Of all the earth
Amidst its sadness
And its mirth

Of the land
And of the sea
But will I crown Him
King of me?

He rules the heavens
The angels praise
With the saints
Their anthems raise

The depths of hell
Cannot deny
That He is King
Above their cry

Heaven’s His throne
And earth His stool
But inwardly
He longs to rule

Over my heart
Upon His throne
May He truly
There be known

By your spirit
Govern me
This is my yearning
And my plea

He whose right
It is to reign
To have a people
Of His name

Who bear His image
And know His ways
Who walk with Him
All of their days

My King is worthy
Of my heart
From which to rule
And reign