Message Archive (Page 32)

Message Archive (Page 32)

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The Importance of the Right Diet

Part 1 in Terry’s web series on our True Food and the importance of eating rightly. So much is spoken by us during this time of year about changing our eating habits.

The Foundation of the Internal and Eternal

Revelation 1:1 “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His bond-servants…” What is the key to renewing our spiritual life when it is at a low ebb? How does the Lord meet the need in difficult times? What is God’s answer when reformation and recovery are needed in His Body? How does He fortify us inwardly and cause our hearts to remain steadfast in hope through tribulation, persecution, or difficulties? How does the Lord reverse spiritual decline…

Priority of the Internal – Part 1

This is the hour in which we are meant to be awakened from our slumber and become more sober-minded than distracted or sidelined. Readiness and preparedness are vital to all of us, but divine order must not be minimized or overlooked, lest we fall into the traps of human wisdom or fearful reactions.